Webix 8.1+ WebixJet+Typescript getting error Property 'then' does not exist on type 'Ajax | Promise

export class StatisticsView extends JetView {
config() {
return webix.ajax("data/colors").then( data => {
const colors = data.json();
return colors;


  • Had already tried the solution of #25466. Its not working

    Moreover, in 8.1 the webix.d.ts Ajax is defined as
    export function ajax(url?: string, params?: any):webix.Ajax | Promise;

    But still getting .then does not exist

  • do not use webix.d.ts.
    use webix.global.d.ts instead

  • "node_modules/webix/types/webix.global.d.ts",
    These are the 2 file included in tsconfig.json but still gives the error ".then dose not exist on ajax"

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