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I have area which displays from the right side of screen. By clicking on button triggered method show. The component is view:"scrollview". Does this component have some animated method like or using transition in css? Thanks!


  • my element is hidden maybe this is problem

  • Hello, @roma

    There is a possibility of applying CSS transition to the view size changing when you have the view on the left side.
    Here is an example:
    But when you have the view on the right side, it's necessary to use customer animation, because of the animation direction and view resize specialty.
    An example is here:
    Please, pay attention, in the first example transition on resize is applied automatically when the width is changed, while the custom animation in the second example works separately and it takes a while before the actual resize happens.
    Here you could find some information about the animation:

  • hi thanks for answer i my project the animated view in right side. From right side that not works even with using transition css

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