responsive error

I have a toolbar with the responsive property set to the id of a popup. The toolbar has a number of buttons that can be closed.

Steps that cause the error:
-reduce browser screen so button widgets go into popup.
-close a button from the popup (button view is removed)
-increase browser screen -> Error:

webix.js:19718 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'style' of null
at result._fix_vertical_layout (webix.js:19718)
at result._replace (webix.js:19709)
at _ui_creator (webix.js:2951)
at ui (webix.js:2888)
at result._responsive_show (webix.js:20056)
at result._responsive_cells (webix.js:20089)
at result._set_child_size (webix.js:20100)
at result._set_child_size (webix.js:20251)
at result.$setSize (webix.js:20242)
at result._set_child_size (webix.js:20134)

It looks like the toolbar still thinks the button view exists and tries to restore it when the screen size is increased.
The way I solved this was by removing the widget from the '_responsive' array property of the toolbar.
Is there a proper way of solving this or is this a bug and Ill need to keep removing views from the _responsive array property when they get removed in the popup?




  • Hello, @Pieter

    We confirm the problem. Unfortunately, we cannot offer a better solution than yours at the moment.
    Thanks for the report.

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