Kanban: show Card Count in Header

I would like to show the number of Cards displayed in any status display as count in header

[7] Scheduled - [4] Work - [12] Done

How could i do that?



  • Hello @chris ,
    Headers can be customized. When you are providing structure like:

          body:{ view:"kanbanlist", status:"test" }

    there will be a accordionitem with content inside.
    Note that the KanbanList inherits from UI List and uses all its API. So, to add the number of Cards to the header, you can:
    - use the count() method to count the cards;
    - use the each() iterator of List's Datastore to get the information about all cards aslist.data.each(logic)
    - use list.getParentView() to get accordionItem to redefine header
    Please, check the following snippet:

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