How about datepicker with timezone, or setLocale with timezone?

Such as Windows OS, user can setting timezone, is that a good idea to make webix support timezone setting?


  • We don't plan to introduce timezones as part of Webix itself.

    Still you can use momentjs with Webix. All data formatting and parsing functions can be redefined ( in the webix.i18n object or directly for some datepicker control ) and for parsing|formatting you can use your own function that utilizes momentjs library.

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    is there any update regarding usage of Timezones?


  • Hello,

    There are still no such plans, so the options for date customization are the same as mentioned above.

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    Have any changes about usage of Timezones?

    BR, Lyubomyr.

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    Hello @Lyubomyr !
    We are still not planning to add Timezones as part of Webix

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