webix dynamic data loading datatable

hi i use datatable view and dynamic loading pattern but i have few question:
1) How to make it work by clicking on button for first time and not onload page ?
2) How to add server side sorting, i am trying to use sort: "server" and it does not work ?
3) How to make work search functionality ? i think about search field and update request url but which method need to call with updated url ?
Trying to use proxy but it too complicated maybe there exist some other solutions


  • Hi @roma ,
    1)If you want to initialize data loading only after button is clicked, you can use datatable's load method inside button's click property. Please, check the snippet: https://snippet.webix.com/khnda79d

    2) sort: "server" works correctly in that case. It sends the correct request to the server. You might experience the problem, because the server doesn't support sorting. Please check the example with the server, that supports sorting: https://snippet.webix.com/dfcd73d8

    3) The easiest way is to use webix built-in filters in the header of the datatable. Please check the snippet in the answer for the 1st question. Please note, that server-side filtering, as well as sorting, works only if the server supports its functionality.

  • great thanks for help it is work as I need! Additional question, is there exist some optimization techniques to work with big data sets (I have few tabs where number of rows between 20K to 200K) ?

  • @roma take a look at this article. You can find how to create proxy to fetch unlimitted number of records from server side.

  • nice thank you

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