datatable column maxwidth

Is there a maxwidth option for setting datatable columns? I am using the adjust option to adjust the width of my columns to their content, but some of my items are a bit too long and I want to restrict the maximum that my columns adjust to.


  • Unfortunately, there is no maxWidth options for a column.

  • Hello,
    Any update on this? We would like to have a combination of adjust:true and maxWidth.

    Thank you!

  • Hello,

    There are still no plans to implement it.

  • The workaround won't work if the datatable isn't rendered.

    The only way to get it working seems to be:
    if (column.maxWidth && width > column.maxWidth) width = column.maxWidth; in _setColumnWidth
    Any plans to implement it? Because the overwriting won't work in productive environment

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