onFileUploadError : response always null ?

onFileUploadError : function(item ,response){

In case of server reply { "status" : "error", sname : "blablabla" }, response seems to be always null ? Event is triggering with the good item but no response ?



  • Hi,

    please make sure that the response is correct json - keys must be in double quotes:

    { "status": "error", "sname" : "blablabla"}

  • Are you using Webix 2.x or 3.x ?

  • 2.x. I move to 3.0 today !

  • I confirm in webix 3.0 { ..... "status" : "error" } is a property of item.
    in onFileUploadError(item,response). response is null.
    Well, that's good.

  • I've faced this bug over more than 3 years since this report.

    Server response is still null when upload was unsuccessful. But server also returns error message in response, that I can't get at all. What should I do?

  • It is not enought to have only {... status: "error" ...} in item because I need error message text

  • Dear developers! Can you confirm this bug?

  • For folks stumbling here: the documentation for onFileUploadError is incorrect. It describes the callback function as having access to 2 parameters:
    "void onFileUploadError(object file,object response){ ... };"
    however both the file and the response comes back with the first parameter, there is no second

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