Datatable: when entered a value in filter we lost the focus when the filter is executed


How can I resolve this issue ?
When I entered a value in column filter we lost the focus when the filter is executed.

This issue occurs only if you activate the clipboard.




  • I thought I had a solution for you, using .onBeforeFilter to save your selection, and .onAfterFilter to restore your selection. Unfortunately, it appears that the selection is being cleared from the current state prior to .onBeforeFilter.

    Here is the sample I was working up, which illustrates this issue:


  • Thanks.

    I will see how I can integrate this in my application.
    I haven't never used the getState().


  • There 2 possible issues. One is related to clipboard:true and must be fixed in the latest build.

    The second possible issue, can be caused by using adjust:true in the column's config. There is no way to fully fix it in the current version.

  • Hello,

    Thanks for the feedback.
    Yes for the clipboard that is fixed.

    Regarding adjust: true
    Currently I have deactivated this settings.
    Before I create the datatable I use the method: webix.html.getTextSize to compute the maximum width of each columns.


  • The last message is from December 2015.

    Is there a change about this issue?

  • Hello,

    I have changed the code and now I compute the size of column (I have stopped to use the feature that webix compute the size).

    I don't know if now the issue is resolved or not.



  • As far as I can see, the issue must be fixed in the current version of Webix UI

  • I fix it.
    remove adjust:true


  • This is still an issue with the latest release. Adjusting the size of the data table columns should not cause the filter to lose focus.

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    Dear maksim (Webix Team),

    I encountered the focus problem even using Webix 5.3. Check out this example . The filter from "Film title" loses focus when I type something (try to search different terms because sometimes the error occurs and sometimes not). Is there any solution so that I can use adjust: true or adjust: ["header" , "data"] and don't lose the focus on filters?
    In my opinion "adjust" is arranging data the best way.

  • The same demo works correctly for me. Maybe the issue is browser / os related.
    In which browser the issue occurs for you?

  • I am using Windows 10 Pro and the issue occurs both in Chrome and Firefox.

  • you have adjust in column config.
    when column width is changed on filter, then filter textbox loses focus.

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    If you need adjust for initial data only, you can move it to the "ready", so it will not affect filtering.

  • This is an unacceptable answer. Adjusting column width and changing the cursor focus should be entirely unrelated.

  • To add to this issue, "serverFilter" works correctly even with adjust: true. Why do only the client-side filters suffer from this bug? Please fix this.

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    This is a horrible solution but does seem to solve the problem. The root cause of this bug is that datatable-like objects destroy the filter tags in the DOM when any column has adjust: true since (apparently) the solution to adjusting the column widths is to just re-render the entire table. This solution adds a focus event to each filter whenever it is rendered that sets it as the "active" filter; after filtering, the active filter is focused.

    The solution above works for every filter added to the table. If this behavior is desired for only certain filters (text filters?), the solution would have to be extended to examine the column configuration for some custom flag.

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