DataTable select event

I created a DataTable and "select" option is set to "cell", to properly update the changes in the cell after editor, associated with the cell, is closed. Is there a way to propagate the selection to the row upon the cell click event? It seems that the selectedID always gives me first cell click within the row, if the "select" option is set to "row" & I can't figure a way to get the rowID, if "select" option is set to "cell"


  • Check the next snippet

    In case of row selection mode, you must be able to get the correct column id from the onAfterSelect event.

  • Thanks!
    onAfterSelect doesn't quite work for me - I have a custom editor defined (multiselect), which is getting displayed, using onAfterRender. If I place it in the onAfterSelect, the editor is not getting rendered - instead it acts as an inline editor. If I try to get ID of the clicked cell in the onAfterSelect & then catch it in the onAfterRender, it seems that afterRender takes precedence, since I never get into onAfterSelect...

  • instead of "select" option is set to "cell", set to "row".

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