Browser lost selection inside datatable

Hello, i have datatable config

view: "datatable",
navigation: true,
id: "test_datatable",
pager: "test_pager",
responsive: true,
footer: true,
select: "row",
multiselect: true,
clipboard: "repeat",
resizeColumn: true,
editable: true,
editaction: "dblclick",
fixedRowHeight: false,
rowHeight: 60,
rowLineHeight: 20,

  1. I am select row. The row is painted in dark green by default.
  2. Inside webix dark green selection I am try to select 2 text words inside any cell using ny mouse or tuchpad. Browser mark my selection blue like anything selection in browser, but when i released left mouse button - blue selection is lost, and i cant copy data with ctrl+c.

In webix 3.0.8 selection by mouse works fine and stay where i need, but in 3.1.1 it lost after mouse button release



  • Remove clipboard: "repeat", from your config, to allow the native clipboard operations.

    Basically, you can have only one - native clipboard operations, or custom clipboard operations through datatable API

  • edited December 2015

    But in 3.0.8 i have native clipboard and custom clipboard too

  • Yep, still there were issues with a custom clipboard, though. In above scenario, after selecting text, in Webix 3.0.8 there was no way to return back to the custom clipboard mode.

    Anyway, I think we have found a way how two behaviors can coexists. Solution will be included in the next build.

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