Datatable column won't adjust when I set font-size through css


I can't get the adjust:true or adjust:data to work in combination with setting a larger font-size through css for my datagrid.
Any ideas how to do this?
(I don't want to use a template with inline style for every column.)




  • The grid can't be resized to fit the custom style. You need to add basic CSS-class to get the right result:

  • Thank you! :)

  • How can I adjust font-size of the header of datatable?

  • @mewtown the following css will be enough:

    .largeText .webix_hcell {
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    I use the css to change the font-size , and use adjust just like in this case.
    How would i adjust the height of the cells automatically? Because with big font sizes and adjust it does not seem to work

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    Hello @YAWN

    Yes, row height cannot be changed that easily. But you can implement this functionality by providing the custom height for each row as:

       obj.$height = height;

  • Thank you, but with big texts it does not work, because the part of the text that was above the cell boundaries is still cut off.
    The Text is not recentered:
    Any Idea how to fix this without to much overhead?
    Of course any way that fixes this is already appreciated!

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