Webix form builder


Can someone point me in the right direction to download webix form builder?



  • I'm not sure you're supposed to download it...

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    Is it only available on webix to use? We can't have the form builder on other application?

  • Hi,

    We do not provide a local version of the form/skin builders. From the Skin Builder you can download a CSS-file with the created style, while an output of the Form Builder is the JSON-config.

  • Hi @Listopad , sorry if I resume this old thread.
    I need to do build a visual builder very similar to the form builder.
    It would really be helpfull to take a look at the code. Is it possible ?
    If not, can you let us know if it's build only using webix or if you did use other js libraries ?
    Thanks a lot

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    Hey @antlomb, unfortunately, as you can see from the post above, we don't provide a local version of the form/skin builders, and the situation didn't change much since that post.

    If it is of any help, our form builder is built with Webix Jet almost exclusively, we're only using a single additional library to display the source code in the code view.

    Here is some additional read for you on how you could implement something similar using Webix: https://blog.webix.com/creating-apps-with-live-ui-editing-using-webix-abslayout/.

  • Thank you @Dzmitry, I'll take a look

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