Prevent an authorization dialog on 401

I need to check whether the user is logged in and redirect it to the login page if not.
I added the following code in app.js :

function start_event(mode, url, params, xhr, headers, data, promise) {
    if (promise)
                function (err) {
                    if (err.status === 401) {
                        window.location.href = "/login"

webix.attachEvent("onBeforeAjax", start_event);

It works, but if user isn't authorized then main page and browser authorization dialog show for a moment before redirect to the login page.
How to prevent that?


  • You can try to use the code like next

    webix.attachEvent("onAjaxError", function(xhr){
       if (xhr.status == 401)
           window.location.href = "/login";
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    Hi Maksim,

    Using your code snippet I always get status == 0, and therefore I can not distinguish whether credentials are wrong or the server is down. If you could provide any further idea I will greatly appreciate that!

    P.S. I do CORS request

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    status = 0 can occur if the request was blocked by client side ( so there was no real request at all ). Also please be sure that CORS is correctly configured, if the request was blocked by CORS rules, a browser will not give access to the response content, which includes access to response status as well.

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