webix.toExcel function config export column format as number

The new version webix.toExcel is working great. The issue is when I export datatable data to excel, all the cell value are showing as text/general. But I need some columns default value are Number format in Excel. Can I config the export function does it? I saw some comments before, webix.toExcel only supports String and Number type export. Is there a way I can define export format in Excel?

Thank you


  • Hi,

    The current behavior of the toExcel method assumes that if numbers in the dataset are defined as strings, they will be exported correspondingly:


    As a solution, you can use a converting function in the initial scheme. An example (string to date) you can find here.

  • Thank you! I reformat the data object in scheme and it works perfect.

  • I am also facing the same issue and it is still not resolved. Trying to use webix.toExcel and the numbers are getting exported as General. Not sure how to export them as Number

  • I tried exportType as"number' and exportFormat as "#,##0.00", but no luck. It still gets exported as "General"

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