Bug in form component

markInvalid([name], [message) can not be used on a form if called from within a $obj rule. The call is silently ignored. This may be required for some validation requirements.


  • The $obj key specifies the validation of the entire data object, but not the particular field. Here's an example os usage and a way to mark invalid some field using this key:


  • I tried to investigate this further based on you example. The issue occurs if you have a global $obj rule and a rule specific to the property you like to mark invalid. Please see the following example:


    If you just press Submit, the pass2 rule will return true but the $obj will mark pass2 as invalid.

    From my understanding a field once marked invalid must be kept as invalid during one validate() cycle. So if one validation handler tells that a field is invalid it must stay invalid no matter if any other handled reports success.

  • I can confirm the issue, fix will be available as part of the next build.

  • Perfect, thank you very much!

  • I do encounter the problem still here with the recent version, i have to remove validate/required from the elements to be able to get my markInvalid on $obj rule to work proper. Using Pro 6.2.6, just as sidenote. (You can also see the bug on the snippet above still existing)

  • edited April 2019

    We will update the priority of the issue, thank you for reminding.
    The fix is likely to get released in the closest major update.

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