Dynamically load new pivot table data

I want to dynamically load data into the pivot table using javascript based on some user inputs. However, when I change the url, it appends the data to the pivot table instead of replacing the original data. Is there some way I can clear the current data before loading the new url?



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    Yes, you can call clearAll method:



  • Thanks Maria, I'll give it a try

  • Hi Maria

    When I use it like this:
    I get a message in the console that clearAll is not a function.

    If I remove the clearAll command and just use this:
    it just appends the data

    What do you suggest?

  • I just found the solution from this post:

    It should be $$("pivot").data.clearAll();


  • Hi,

    Sorry for posting the wrong solution. Pivot does not allow to call methods of its DataStore directly. We will add this improvement into the next version.

  • Great, looking forward

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