Loading compressed data into the pivot table

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I'm using the Pivot table and loading data of 3000 rows and about 15 columns. The data is in json format and already it is around 1.5MB. This is already quite large and it takes some time to refresh the report when users have a slow connection I'm planning in using up to 30000 rows, then the file will become way too large.

Is there a file format that is supported that allows the data to be compressed? Or would I have to write some javascript myself to download the compressed file, uncompress it and then load it into the pivot table?

If I compress the data I can get it down to 50 KB



  • Hi,

    Unfortunately, Pivot doesn't have a built-in solution. Supported datatypes are JSON, XML, CSV and JsArray.

  • OK thanks

  • you should ensure your (API) server compresses its response (gzip, deflate etc). Any browser will natively decompress the response data. No need to write any custom code for that in your application

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