Treetable - create a dynamic treetable with ajax call

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I wan't to create a treetable view, with call the backend system, my problem is that i can't make it work that it calls the backend on + click

Sample with hardcoded data, i want to load this data from backendside


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    I added the following to get dynamic data to load into my tree:

    $$("mytree").attachEvent("onDataRequest", function (id, callback, url) { 
        this.parse( webix.ajax().get("http://your_url_here/").then(function (data) { 
            return data.xml(); 
        }) ); 
        return false; 
        container  : "box",
        view       : "treetable",
        id: "mytree",
  • Did you get anything related to how to load data in treetable through ajax?

  • @Sayali what're the exact requirements?

    Essential patterns of data loading are described here.

    The built-inload() method obtains data with a separate ajax request. If you want to do it manually, basic syntax is:

    webix.ajax("/url", function(text, data){
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