multiselect type in a Property widget


I'm struggling with making a multiselect control work in a Property widget.

I've successfully used the options: value to fetch data from the server. However I don't know how to apply a template to the list.

The following works as long as my list item is named 'value':

        elements: [
            {label: 'Report Info', type: 'label'},
            {label: 'Id', type: 'text', id: 'id'},
            {label: 'Name', type: 'text', id: 'name'},
            {label: 'Info', type: 'text', id: 'info'},
                label: 'Categories',
                type: 'multiselect',
                id: 'categories',
                optionslist: true,
                options: "/api/webix/user_tags"

However I can't seem to find any docs related to applying a template to multiselects or selects in a property widget. I've done a variety of experiments with body and option object tags - to no avail.

Any advice would be much appreciated.




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    please check the demo for custom editor and its popup:

  • Hello Maria,
    I realise this response is very old, but is there a way to get the selected values visible in the property sheet, possibly as comma separated values? When a single item is selected it is visible, but as soon as more than one item is selected the details of the selection are removed from the property sheet.
    Any pointers would be very welcome.

  • Hello @SrvrSide,
    As a solution, you can add type:"multiselect" (available in Webix Pro edition only):

        { label:"Type", type:"multiselect", options:["json","xml","csv"], id:"type"}


  • Ideal - Thank you very much Annazankevich

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