mousedown event on list item

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My main goal is to make a drag-and-resize button into a list item. (then get a value of the resizement to update an item attribute)

For that I think I need to put a resizer (HTML element) into each list item that will handle the mouse events (mousedown, mousemove and mouseup).

But I don't succeed to do that.

What I tried :

  • Inserting resizer element into list template or list templateEnd. But as theses methods return an HTML string i can't attach events

  • Using ItemRender list event, but the item is not yet rendered when this method is called, so i can't attach events

  • ActiveContent: Didn't find a way to attach events other than "click" on a active content element (I need mousedown, mousemove and mouseup)

  • Searching for a mousedown event on the list item itself

Did I miss something ? There is a way to attach mousedown event on a list item or html element inside list item ?

Thanks for your help



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