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I was thinking about buying your product, specifically I'm interested in the pivot table but I need to know if you can sort the rows and filters.

I recover my sorted data but can only sort by one criteria, for example I bring a list sorted by field 1


id, field1, field2, field3, field4, field5, field6 ...

1, A, B, D, X, U, 1

2, B, A, E, Z, N, 3

3, B, U, A, Y, S, 5

4, B, A, A, D, S, 4

5, B, A, A, D, S, 3

I want sorted alphabetically my filters and ordered alphabetically by each level my rows:

            Filters: field2 =         field3 =
                                            A                             A
                                            B                             D
                                            U                             E

Click to configure | field5 | N | S | U

field 4
field 6)

  • A
    + B
  • B
    + D
    + Y
    + Z

I want Know if possible in the pivot table this functionality:




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    Our customer care manager just sent you the PM, but for those who interested in the same features, here's the answer:

    Sorting by multiple criteria:

    If you need to sort the Pivot initially, you can use ready handler for the inner datatable and apply a custom sorting method:


    There is no built-in sorting for filter options. It will be added in the next Pivot version (Webix 4.1).

    setState/getState for the Pivot:

    It is possible to apply setState() and getState() to the Pivot's datatable and they will work as well as they do for the ui.treetable.

    But be careful: get/setState work only for the same datatable, i.e within one Pivot's configuration.

    If filters/columns/rows/values were reconfigured, setState() of the previous config can't be applied to the new one.

  • Version 4.1 is already available. Can you give an example to sort the filters alphabetically according to the configuration of each structure?

  • according to the configuration of each structure?

    Could you please clarify this?

    The basic sample looks as follows: http://webix.com/snippet/81f48979

    Please check also the related docs.

  • Sorry, I just checked that in version 4.1 , the filter is order by default alphabetically. There's nothing to be done for this, is automatic

  • Thanks for your help

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