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I'm trying to display in the Pivot table aggregated average value.

I've seen your answer to previous average-related questions (e.g. http://forum.webix.com/discussion/6441/pivot-chart), however they only support basic average where the average formula is:
Average = Sum of child lines \ Num of child lines

However sometimes this can result in incorrect calculation.

For example if you have this database rows:

University __ Course __ Participants __ Grade Average

MIT __________ A _________ 100 _________ 100

MIT __________ B __________ 2 __________ 10

MIT __________ C __________ 2 __________ 10

Then if you group by University, you'll get:

MIT >>> 104 participants >>> 40.0 Average score
(calculated by: 120/3)

whereas the weighted average should have been (100*100 + 10*2 + 10*2)/104 = 96.54 Average score

How can we set this?
(something like - set the average as function of input columns)

Thank you!



  • Hello,

    there is not a possibility to calculate values in such a way. But the next version will provide an "ids" option for a custom operation. So, you will have possibility to get data items and calculate weighted values.

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