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A minor layout corruption may occur in FF running on Win XP during slider operation. Two small areas will be marked by the browser as selected. It seems that it comes from the two divs:

<div class="webix_slider_left" style="width: 119px;"> </div>
<div id="xsld" class="webix_slider_handle" style="left: 121px;"> </div>

Removing the div content (innerHTML) cleans also the layout.


  • Issue confirme and fixed
    Fix will be available as part of next version

    We have used a different approach - during slider handle drag, all text selection in browser will be blocked. Similar approach is used during drag-n-drop.

  • edited December 2013

    Blocking text selection should be enabled/disabled by the widget, because the two divs are used in the slider layout.

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