Adding grand child node in tree(getting error)


I am using tree widget of webix and tried to add grand child node in tree. Code is below :

var tree = new webix.ui({ view:"tree",container:"testD"});
    tree.add({ value:"parent item",id:"123"}, 0);
    //child nodes
    tree.add({ value:"child item",id:"11"},0,123);
    //grand child nodes
    tree.add({ value:"grand child item",id:"112"},0, 11);

I am getting error in Chrome console as : "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'nextSibling' of undefined"

and Mozilla console as "TypeError: h is undefined".

I am able to add grand child node first time, but after that i am not able to add any children in parent or child nodes.

Please help.


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