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hi. If i want to add a custom component to a cell in multiview how do i do that. Example. I want to use datamaps. i linked the js file. I need to find a way to display the component in a cell.
Hope you can advise.
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    you can create a custom component based on the abstract ui.view and initialize the datamap within it:

    You can also check a number of similar integrations (openmap, d3, etc.) in our Components collection on Github.

  • Thank you. i got it working but struggling with linking data.
    please see
    i tried linking as one would with normal components.

  • Hi.
    Got the data working via a VAR = webix.ajax call. Now how would i get it to auto update with new data every few minutes.

  • i tried linking as one would with normal components

    Actually, webix.ajax is a sound solution. You may extend the view with webix.AtomDataLoader module for loading operations, but it will too bulky for this task.

    As to autoupdates, Webix does not offer any specific solution and you need to use JavaScript .setInterval() method.

  • Thank you. I tried the setInterval way as i refresh my datatables that way. But with the custom component i'm struggling. Tried $$("component").refresh(), after clearall(). I also tried reconstruct().
    Here is the custom component. I get it to work but need to update the bubles at set interval. The bubles does not work from the data:, but has their own data that i linked via var gpsdata.gpsmap.

  • Hi. Got it working by .setInterval. ajax call to update var then reconstruct cell.

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