webix table combo is not showing the selected value of combo.

I have a combo into webix datatable.I assign JSON object to combo option.It will display the data into combo,But when I select vale from combo then it is not selected. Here is my snippet.


Please help me.I am waiting for webix team reply


  • Templates won't help in such case. Template is just a visualization method, while select editor works with options' IDs.

    ID is necessary for data editing. If you use some external options, the ID of the option will be set as a value of the corresponding attribute.

    First of all, if the initial value of the attribute doesn't match with the id of any option, it won't be shown without a specific template:

    columns: [{ 
            id: "Assignee", 
              return obj.Assignee

    But, as I mentioned, for proper data editing you still need the ID for your options. If you can't change the original options such way, you can apply a custom datatype to them. Please check the following snippet:


    If you load the options from some url, a custom proxy can be used for the same purpose.

  • Thanks Listopad

  • edited December 2018

    Hi @Listopad,
    How can we achieve above same using ajax ?

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