Multiple Date Editors In Datatable Row Editing.


While i am trying to do a row editing which has multiple Date editors, Only one date selector is getting shown that too on the last Date editor column. Once we select a date, all other editors are getting closed which shouldn't happen when it is a row editing. How to stop this behavior of exiting from row editing on the selection of date?

Please check code snippet at "" .
Please help me in this.



  • Hi,

    Firstly, you can stabilize the editors by providing a popup with a calendar to your custom editor (that was a very basic example) and handling its events to edit the cell.

    Secondly, you need to prevent editor closing within the onBeforeEditStop event handler of the datatable. You will have to provide the ID of the master Datatable for the popup event handlers, which violates the editor concept, but still there's no other way to prevent editor closing.

    Please, check the updated snippet:

  • Thank you very much.

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