Datatable inside list

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Is possible I create datatable inside list like this:

or how to add datatable in template list ?
if no possible create datatable with list subview

here is my try snippet


    1. You can embed datatable into the fieldset component.
    2. SubView is a feature of the datatable. Instead of ui.list, you can use a list-like datatable without a header.
      Please check the following sample:
  • How can I add footer parse by parent json data, I try create like below still not working

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    You need to access the inner datatable and template in the onSubViewCreate handler and parse the desired data to them separately using their API:

    onSubViewCreate: function(view, item) {
           /* view is the form */
            var grid = view.getChildViews()[0];
            var template = view.getChildViews()[1];
   = item.total_votes;

    Check the following snippet, please:

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    I set autoConfig column and add cell style using $cellCss, there is stil issue $cellCss json data is showing in last column
    How can I remove last $cellCss column working in datatable autoConfig is true ?
    and how I add footer: {content: 'summColumn'} in autoConfig column ?


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    Yep, I can confirm the issue with $cellCss (as well as other $-properties like $css and $height) for auto generated columns. We will fix it in the next version, while for now you can remove this column in the onStructureLoad handler.

    In the same handler you can add the total counter to all the necessary columns:

       //remove $cellCss
       //add summColumn for the needed columns
       for(var i = 1; i<this.config.columns.length; i++){
           this.config.columns[i].footer = {content: 'summColumn'};

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