Folder upload in file manager

To upload folders with the uploader I use the properties 'directory'.
In the file manager widget I cannot used this, or?
On which place must the porpertise be written?


  • Hello,
    In this case, we can get the uploader from the object file manager and after this just add directory property to the config

    $$("files").getUploader() = true;

  • I don't want only upload directories. Can I combinated this with files?

  • Is there no option for that?

  • edited June 2018

    It's a normal behavior: you can upload either folders or files. It is impossible to combine them.

  • Can I provide two action, one for upload file and one for upload folders? Can I set the config programmatically?

  • You can have separate actions in the right-click menu. You need to add an extra menu item and add/modify the related File Manager methods.

    Check the following snippet, please:

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