Dynamic Rowspan

Hi, let say if my data is loaded from database by sorting with name. What could I do to achieve the rowspan dynamically?




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    Please check the related discussion .

  • Hi @Nastja,
    this give me some idea, but doesn't really fit my solution. By referring your discussion, I am looking for looping the Index column dynamically to addSpan

  • There is no built-in solution,

    You can use onAfterLoad event, as in your snippet, just instead of hardcoded values traverse data for equal names


  • Hi @maksim , nice loop. Thanks for the prompt, I am still thinking of do another query for getting the count

  • Hi @maksim / @Nastja ... Is there any reason if I load the data with URL, then the addSpan is not working? As if I use the data, it works fine, however, if I use URL, it did not span as expected.

  • the .load API is async, so you need to wait till end loading, before calling the addSpan ( or any other data related api )



       ready: addSpans
  • Hi @maksim , I had tried

    ready: function(){
    this.addSpan(1, 'name', 1, 4);

    It still give me the same result.

  • @maksim , suddenly realize actually onAfterLoad is still working, just because of missing this.refresh()


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