Tree performance with 3 state checkboxes

I have a large tree with 3-state checkboxes, and certain actions on the tree take a while to process.

If you check the first node, it takes a while to process and I see "[Violation] Forced reflow while executing JavaScript took 30511ms" in my chrome console logs.

When profiling the performance, I see repeated triggers of layout that look like they're caused by this function, which looks like it's setting the width for the same element over and over:

Jf: function() {
    if (-1 != this.s.scroll.toString().indexOf("x")) {
        var t = this.y.scrollWidth;
        t && ( = "100%", = this.y.scrollWidth + "px")

Is this a bug?


  • Also if there are any recommended workarounds, would appreciate the help. Thanks!

  • edited August 2018


    The code above is executed if scroll:"x" is enabled for a Tree, which is true by default - and it refreshes the scroll body on tree refresh.

    If you don't need a horizontal scrollbar for your Tree, you can set scroll:"y" explicitely, and the performance will improve greately:

    It's just a workaround, however, we will check the TreeCheckBox code to get rid of unnecessary scroll updates.

  • Thanks Helga. Can you let us know when the workaround is no longer necessary?

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