"tel:" links (click to call) not working in webix 6?

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I've recently upgraded from webix 5 to 6 in my Cordova (PhoneGap) IOS app and noticed that the "tel:" links (click to call) have stopped working. Is this a known bug and is there any workaround?

Please note that in my app I'm using both webix and the mobile scheduler complex widget (I've upgraded both). The issue seems to be with webix though - as soon as I switch back to version 5.0 of webix framework in my app the "tel:" links start working again (even without rolling-back the mobile scheduler version).

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  • Hello,

    After investigating this further I believe that the issue is with implementation of Touch module in Webix 6.0.
    When I disable this module using webix.Touch.disable() the href="tel:xxx" links start working (but the app becomes quite unresponsive).

    Could you please look into this?
    Also is it possible to disable Touch only for a specific html element (div or link)?

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  • I can confirm the issue. Thank you for the report. We need some time to fix the regression. We will notify you as soon as the solution is available

  • Hi @Nastja,

    Is there any update on when this issue will be fixed?

    I just tested the 6.2 release of Webix library and "tel:" links still don't seem to work on Cordova iOS apps.

    Best regards,

  • Sorry for the delay. We will try to provide a fix till April release.

  • Hi @Helga, is there an update on when this fix will be available? Is it still planned for April?

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