dynamic change datatable colunm's each cells

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    grid = webix.ui({
        id: "dgPreSet",
        container: "dgMain",
        view: "datatable",
        rowHeight: 40,
        resizeColumn: true,
        select: "row",
        columns: [
            { id: "rowsindex", header: "", css: "rank", width: 80, template: "#rowsindex#", css: { "text-align": "center" } },
            { id: "timeOutLight", header: "TimeOutLight", css: "rank", width: 120, template: "<div class='#PreSetLight#' title='#PreSetLightMsg#'></div>", css: { "text-align": "center" } },

        hover: "myhover",
        data: DataGrid.Data,
        resizeRow: true

Hi expert
column timeOutLight's data need by calculate,so when my .net loading data will not wait this column until each records calculate finish.

so we skip timeOutLight ,let front-end to show other columns data in cshtml page
how can I do when datatable onAfterLoad , timeOutLight column's each cells return to server(RESTFul) invoke his result and then change itslfe cell value.

is any example ?

How to make it please help me.




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    You can get server data for the needed column with an additional Ajax request, then iterate this data and fill datatable items respectively.

    Please check the following snippet: https://snippet.webix.com/sd8oao0o

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