excel viewer and localIds

I have the following code:

{view:"excelbar", localId:"excelToolBar"},
{view:"excelviewer", localId:"excelDocViewer", toolbar:'excelToolBar', filename:title.replace(/\s/g,''), excelHeader:true, spans:true},

Im using local ids because I can have multiple windows opened with the excel viewer. What do I use for the value of the 'toolbar' property of the 'excelviewer' view since the excelbar uses localId?



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    Same question for the pdfviewer. How to define the toolbar if the toolbar is defined with the localId property.

  • fixed it by using the define function:

    var docview = webix.ui({view:"window", localId:"doc_win",
    {view:"excelbar", localId:"excelToolBar"},
    {view:"excelviewer", localId:"excelDocViewer", excelHeader:true, spans:true},


    var tbid = docview.queryView({localId:'excelToolBar'}).config.id; docview.queryView({localId:'excelDocViewer'}).define("toolbar", tbid);

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