localId and Jet w/ TypeScript

I've just started to play with Jet and TypeScript, and noticed that if a view's config is defined declaring it's type, for example as

const myConfig: webix.ui.layoutConfig = {...}

and I define a localId property as suggested in your documentation, the compiler complains because the property localId doesn't exists in type layoutConfig.

Of course I can declare it as an untyped object, but this way I lose the big advantage of using TypeScript in the firs place: type checking.

Am I missing something?

Thanks for your support!


  • @CycleSoft
    no, you are not wrong.
    but instead of untyped object, try to declare extra property

    const myConfig: webix.ui.layoutConfig & {
        localId: string
    } = {...}
  • Thanks for the tip Intregal!
    Will this be 'fixed' in the future by addind the localId property declaration in webix.d.ts ?

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