Sidebar popups when is collapsed

I have a sidebar and this sidebar is filtered and collapsed when page width change to lower. When sidebar menu is open, filter is correct , but when sidebar is collapsed the popups maintain old values without filter.

Please check snippet, item "Reports" has 4 children, after click in button filter
when sidebar is open the filter is ok Reports show 2 children, but if collapsed sidebar with "burger icon", when appear children popup in "Report" item show 4 original childrens without filter apply.

There are some way to fix this?, or is posible hide popups when sidebar is collapsed?

Thanks in advance



  • Hello @jorge ,
    By structure, the sidebar consists of two independent parts (tree + popup menu). The widget doesn't share the same data for the main Tree and popup Menu.
    As popup data is parsed to it each time when it is shown,you can alter it by handling the onShowevent.
    Please take a look at the snippet:

  • Hi @annazankevich ,

    Thanks so much is perfect, but i have another problem. I can fitered now how you say, but only the first popup lever, ¿Please how to reference sub popups?

    Thanks so much!!!

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