invalidMessage that has several lines?


I didn't find how to write an invalidMessage that has several lines. It seems to me that it can only have one line. I tried to use a template but it didn't work.

Is it possible to have several lines in an invalidMessage in forms?

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  • Hello, @romain

    To solve the issue, as an option, it is possible to set a larger bottomPadding for input and reserve some extra space for the message.
    here is the snippet:
    But if the invalidMessage even longer than the width of the control and the bottom padding should vary, it is possible to calculate the needed height and define it dynamically.
    Please, check the following example:
    The custom CSS allows the invalidMessage to take space under the entire control (not only under the input).
    The same solution is applicable for inputs without extra styling, but the value of the variable "inputWidth" should be taken directly from the input without the label (see the comments in the code).

  • Thank you very much for your precise response!

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