how is panel fullscreen in dashboard?

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I think i click icon:"mdi mdi-arrow-expand", the panel full screen.
it can fullscreen,but when it exit fullscreen,i think toolbar is show.
it can show toolbar,But borderline is not show.


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    Hey @eric, this looks like a bug, thanks for reporting!

    The border width seems to be resetting for some reason in your case with a combination of webix.fullscreen and showing/hiding the toolbar. As a workaround, you can force the border-width to stay the same regardless of this by setting the attribute directly:

  • hi,
    {view:"icon",icon:"mdi mdi-fullscreen-exit",click:function(){
    $$("panel3").getNode().setAttribute("style", "border-width: 1px");

    the code in really the environment,click icon:"mdi mdi-fullscreen-exit", report error:

    myapp.js:9342 Uncaught RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded
    at MyApp.copyConfig (myapp.js:9342)

  • webix jet update 2.1.2 , it is OK

  • I still have the same issue with dashboard panels.
    When it will be fixed?

  • Hello, @sergeyplishka

    Unfortunately, we have to admit that the problem still exists. As soon as it would be solved we let you know. Currently, please, try to use something like:

  • Thank you.

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