Custom suggest, method _get_extendable_cell not called

I've made a custom suggest; however, the method _get_extendable_cell is never called. If I look at the source code in GitHub this method should always be called... What I'm doing wrong? Here's a snippet:



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    Methods, the names of which start with _, are private. In the minified Webix code, their names are changed. So you cannot call them and cannot redefine them.
    As far as I see, _get_extendable_cell is called inside $init. So to change the logic of this method (_get_extendable_cell), you will have to redefine $init (then inside you can call your custom _get_extendable_cell). Since it's public (and stays by the same name in the minified source) you can do that. Also, mind that inside $init, you cannot call other private methods or refer to private properties. Use their public analogues (like this._settings => this.config) if possible; if not, you will have to define them in your custom component.

  • Hi Kuro, thanks for your detailed and clear answer. I'll try to overwrite the $init method.

    Maybe you should consider to make this a public method because using this method you could easily extend the suggest with a complex body (not only list or datatable view but layout views, etc.). There is also a public method called getList() which suggest you can extend the body with more complex views.

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