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  • Meera

    Hi, Please help me in integration of webix tree in Angular 2. Thanks, Mira Karele

    April 27
    • Meera
      Please reply me.
  • apapa

    Hi Helga,

    I hope you are doing well. I would like to ask when will be released the webix 4.2 version. I have read in February but would like to know if there is more specific date.

    Thanks, Apostolos Papazisis

    January 26
  • McNoober

    Sorry, not quite there yet. I posted a video/screen capture of the problem for clarity.

    January 4
  • McNoober
  • zaaimanm

    Hi Helga. You helped me with this . http://webix.com/snippet/6c33fae9 I have made lots of progress with my project. No i need to add a function that allows a user to draw a rectangle or circle on the map. This would be a mousedown/mouseup event. I think the adjustment should happen in datamaps.all.js but i'm not sure how to do this.

    September 2016
  • zaaimanm

    Hi. If you have a moment, please look at my response. http://forum.webix.com/discussion/comment/13148#Comment_13148

    August 2016
  • balusu
    Hi Helga, In the data table I tried by setting the property "multiselect:true" . It is working fine in windows by using (shift+click & Ctrl+click) where as in Mac OS (shift+click is working but " Ctrl+click" is not working)
    December 2014
  • jpv
    Re: Found ! toolbar.getNode().className = mycss ; // .mycss { background-color : pink .... Thank you anyway..... (next question in few days) :-) (i love webix !)
    October 2014
  • jpv
    thank you.... i know i'm nuts in css but not at this low level ! ;-) In fact i want to change the background color of the toolbar dynamically (link to a tabbar) tabbar1 -> toolbar going red, tabbar2 -> toolbar going pink etc etc
    October 2014
  • jpv
    Thank you so much !
    October 2014
  • Helga joined.
    Welcome Aboard!
    June 2014

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