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  • Yep, thanks for reporting the issue. That was a regression from migration to es6 code, fix will be included in the next minor build.
    in hidden bug Comment by maksim August 1
  • Not really. The destruction process is sync ( same the removeView API ), so $destructed property is set just after the related API call
  • Most probably, newValue is a string in your case Try to update code like next, to ensure that newValue is a number var dtNewValue = webix.Date.add(dtOrgDate, newValue*1, "month", true);
  • если для приложения был активирован Theme плагин то можно использоват"theme").setTheme(color);
  • While the real URL in browser may or may not change, the getUrl API will alway return the current active URL Also, you can use parameters instead of url segments, which result in more clean code https://snippet.…
  • In Webix Jet there's an option to add localId but I don't see that option in Webix You can add ANY custom attribute for the view { view:"list", myId:123 } and later locate this view by usin var list = top.queryView({ myId: 123 }); https://d…
  • If you are talking about math - spreadsheet supports only subset of Excel methods. You can add a custom math methods though Math methods SUM AVERAGE COUNT COUNTA COUNTBLANK MAX MI…
  • Skin builder was updated with latest styles and buttons are back to their normal state.
  • Hi, The main performance killer is the XLS parsing time. The same data converted to CSV takes about 4 second to load and render ( it still quite a lot ) I don't see how we can optimize parsing time for such huge file. The best strategy will be t…
  • It is rather easy to create one from the list
    in breadcrum Comment by maksim July 15
  • When you actually resize a column by mouse drag, the 4th parameter - user_action will be set to true. It was added exactly for your use-case, to detect resize calls which may need to be saved on a server-side.…
  • webix allow joins There are no joins. Still it can be done, please check uniteBy: function (obj) { var z = this.getItem(obj.codsup); if (z) return z.nomusu; return "None"; }…
  • queryView method can be used to fetch a group of widgets Also, you can look at webix jet. Here you can split your UI in separate views, and just call view…
  • You can get column id by index var row = grid.getItem(selected_row) var value = row[grid.columnId(0)]
  • Add something like next into the onItemClick handler this.getMenu().hide();

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