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  • Thanx a lot for the solution. Works like a charm.
  • Hi annazankevich, Thanx for the snippet. I am able to style the values in the list. But i also want the same style in the list to be applied to the input box as well when i select it. Take a look at the snippet. https://snippet.webix.com/tayb4xg…
  • Hi there, just a quick question on the above problem. Ive faced the exact problem.My solution was also the same as David_Grossi's solution of "fake" jetview class, with its own methods. let form = new ViewForm(); //
  • I havent tried your method yet. Will do and get back. But meanwhile take a look at the below snippet. This pretty much reproduces my problem https://webix.com/snippet/2f817bcb This is how the problem occurs. pls Follow the sequence do not sel…
  • Hi Helga, I have tried setCursor(null) as you have suggested. But the problem of taking values from the datasource when the form becomes visible again persists. var newEntry = function () { var grid = $$(search.gridId); grid.s…
  • I am setting new values to the form Fields. Fields are in 3 different tabs. (This is to create new records). However even though i set new values, only the visible tab retains the new values. By default webix input fields ignores the set values and …

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