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  • @maksim What is happening with Webix Jet 2.0? When will be available?
  • So is there any solution?
  • Some additional info. I am using webix jet with NPM and Webpack. Webix PRO version is installed through NPM.
  • I put import * as webix from "@xbs/webix-pro"; window.webix = webix; in app.js and it is still not working. Webix jet still saying webix is not defined. Only thing that is work if I import from script tag. But I don't want that.
  • I set parameter checkValue and now is working. But this is really bad way! Json has boolean and switch should work as boolean not as a string. Why I have to set checkValue to "true". Default checkValue is set to 1 and 0 it should be true and fals…
  • Here is bug: https://snippet.webix.com/hwzf3joq I use data feed and in data switch parameter is not 1 but true ("switchValue": true). Switch is always off.
  • Here is snippet: https://snippet.webix.com/cf20yx3o To get right behavior I now select new item in event "onAfterInsert" on DataProcessor.
  • More data. Datatable and form are bind together. For adding I set unselectAll so I have empty form. On datatable I set defaultData. I get default data in form. I enter all other data and save form. Data is add to datatable and send to server. New i…
  • There is deeper problem. When you add new item. After save when you open adding form default data is not set. This is really strange way of working. I also notice if I select one item and than open adding form. It works as it should. I am really c…
  • It was problem somewhere else. In main app I have "urlChange" method which select correct menu item according to url (so if you enter url in urlbar). But this select called event "onAfterSelect" and again open url with "show" method. I prevented tha…
  • Thank you for your response. 'earlyInit:true' this doesn't help. Loading data in init() works. I will use it like this. It is really strange that this doesn't appear every time and not in all datatables.
  • Some additional data. Line 4627 "var node = webix.toNode((config.container||parent)||document.body);" is problematic. I tried load datatable data in init() method (I use webix jet) and it seems that is working now. Looks like data is loaded too so…

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