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  • Thanks @intregal for all your help, I cannot get it working on 2.5 so I will have to try another avenue, possibly have to use jquery or something. Thanks again
  • Hi @intregal , Thanks again for your help on this, starting to get there now! Sorry but I have one more question, with radio button validation I want to require just one pressed (obviously) but not sure how to get this edge case working with this…
  • Hi @intregal , That is a great solution, thank you it seems to be validating now, but I have another question - how can i get it to validate using the htmlform input "required" attribute and not use the webix "rules" attribute? There is no easy wa…
  • Hi @intregal , Thanks, I have applied that extend to the htmlform class instead of the htmlform instance and get the same error in the console. I have all the code in the "on" attribute as per your snippet too. The error is coming from the webix.js…
  • Hi @intregal , Thanks for the suggestion, I am getting an error now (Uncaught TypeError: this.elements[h].config is undefined) I have added this to my js: webix.extend($$("myForm"), webix.ValidateData); It seems to recognise the validate function…
  • @Listopad - How do we validate htmlForm then? I have some radio buttons and checkboxes in a htmlform which is loaded from an external source. Thanks
  • Oh one other thing, I have taken off the default selection but I need to make the radio buttons required - how do I do that? Thanks again.
  • Wow! Yes that is exactly what I meant - perfect! How would I get the values from those custom radio buttons? It's to be added to an existing form, it's basically a simple questionnaire at the end of a form. Thank you for creating this!

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