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  • Hi @Mashiane, By the way, if you succeed in translating all the Pivot labels to Spanish, you can share the translation with other Webix users by making a pull request to our Locales repository: https://github.com/webix-hub/locales We would apprec…
  • Here's another example: https://snippet.webix.com/75958183 It uses an AbsLayout widget with a relatively positioned List in it and an absolutely positioned button. Please note that AbsLayout is available in Pro version only.
  • Hi all, We have already added this feature request to our backlog and will probably implement it in one of the future releases.
  • Hi Stefan, is there any other solution because this is not normal behaviour. Yep, I can confirm that the branch data is not properly cleared before reloading, that's why it is possible to see the non-existent folders. We will adjust the logic …
  • Hello, You can create a custom editor based on any existing one, or totally from scratch. This sample may be helpful for you: https://snippet.webix.com/p557gtm0
  • Alternatively, you can create several Property sheets placed into Accordion items: https://snippet.webix.com/osk2rsx2
  • You can add some "no-remove" CSS class for the related list item and add visibility:hidden to the stylesheet: popup.$$("filters").attachEvent("onAfterLoad", function(){ var obj = this.find(function(obj){ return obj.name == "name"; })[0]; if(…
  • В версиях Webix Jet до 1.0 этот theme плагин тоже существовал, но его механика была иной и гораздо более простой. При установке темы плагин просто запоминал идентификатор темы (по принципу "name:skin") в window local storage и перегружал страницу, …
  • Hello, Webix Pivot does not allow configuring the components in its Popup. However, you can achieve your requirement by blocking click actions for the desired filter ( "name", if I have understood you correctly ). You can use the onPopup event to…
  • The Form is wrapped in a Scrollview in your example, so in this case you need to disable the Scrollview: https://snippet.webix.com/3rhotjv8 In my snippet I switched on scrolling for the Form itself - that's the difference.
  • Hi dullex, You can disable url changes for File Manager by adding the disabledHistory: true setting. Here it is in the docs: https://docs.webix.com/api__ui.filemanager_disabledhistory_config.html
  • Hello, webix.OverlayBox is designed to cover empty widgets that are not filled with content, that's why it doesn't expect a scroll area beneath. To actually prevent from scrolling, you can disable the widget: https://snippet.webix.com/xzbj6qbl
  • Hello, Could you please provide a demo of your issue? The onColumnResize event fires each time when: you set datatable state; you actially resize a column (by dragging or via setColumnWidth); when Datatable structure is updated, i.e. when column…
  • Just a small remark: The editStop is a method of the inner datatable within Spreadsheet widget, so you need to access it as $$("ss").$$("cells").editStop(); https://snippet.webix.com/h9ov2iq5
  • By the way, such tooltip behavior looks incorrect, so will provide an adjustment fix in the next Webix update.

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