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  • Hi Michael, Typically you would use either webix.js or webix.min.js files (non-minified or minified), but not both. These files are identical in functionality, so the translations would be taken from the one in use. You can correct the translation…
    in webix.js Comment by Helga April 1
  • Hello, Thank you for pointing it out. We still need to run some local tests, but you can already try launching it from: https://github.com/webix-hub/filemanager-node/tree/s3 and provide a valid S3 path and your credentials.
  • Just wait a week - we are going to include multi-column sorting for Datatable into the upcoming 7.2 release.
  • Hi Stefan, The bug is not easy to fix, but could you please tell why you need the isolate setting for your QueryBuilder? It is likely that you can avoid doing this by achieving the same via another technique.
  • Hi Andrea, You can check the 7.1.3 build - both fixes were included into it.
  • Hi Andrea, We are aware of this regression, and are currently working on the fix, but any sample/code snippet of the first issue would be nice. As to the datepicker bug in IE 11 - we can confirm the problem and will try to provide a fix in one of …
  • Hi @Mashiane, By the way, if you succeed in translating all the Pivot labels to Spanish, you can share the translation with other Webix users by making a pull request to our Locales repository: https://github.com/webix-hub/locales We would apprec…
  • Here's another example: https://snippet.webix.com/75958183 It uses an AbsLayout widget with a relatively positioned List in it and an absolutely positioned button. Please note that AbsLayout is available in Pro version only.
  • Hi all, We have already added this feature request to our backlog and will probably implement it in one of the future releases.
  • Hi Stefan, is there any other solution because this is not normal behaviour. Yep, I can confirm that the branch data is not properly cleared before reloading, that's why it is possible to see the non-existent folders. We will adjust the logic …
  • Hello, You can create a custom editor based on any existing one, or totally from scratch. This sample may be helpful for you: https://snippet.webix.com/p557gtm0
  • Alternatively, you can create several Property sheets placed into Accordion items: https://snippet.webix.com/osk2rsx2
  • You can add some "no-remove" CSS class for the related list item and add visibility:hidden to the stylesheet: popup.$$("filters").attachEvent("onAfterLoad", function(){ var obj = this.find(function(obj){ return obj.name == "name"; })[0]; if(…
  • В версиях Webix Jet до 1.0 этот theme плагин тоже существовал, но его механика была иной и гораздо более простой. При установке темы плагин просто запоминал идентификатор темы (по принципу "name:skin") в window local storage и перегружал страницу, …
  • Hello, Webix Pivot does not allow configuring the components in its Popup. However, you can achieve your requirement by blocking click actions for the desired filter ( "name", if I have understood you correctly ). You can use the onPopup event to…

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