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  • Hello, The onAfterExpand is an event of UI Accordion, which is a base for the default Kanban layout. To catch its events in your configuration, you need to access the it by some other ID: https://snippet.webix.com/uxshy2pl Alternativaly, you can …
  • Hello, Do the spans significantly decrease performance in your datatable? Currently we do not have lazy rendering for spans. Most probably you can try adding spans dynamically when the view is scrolled down: grid.attachEvent("onAfterScroll", func…
  • Hello, Your snippet uses Webix 4.4, which is rather outdated. The issue seems to be fixed in the current 6.2 version: https://snippet.webix.com/q4ptb9j4 You can consider upgrading Webix version, if it suits you.
  • Please, check https://webix.com/skin-builder/
  • Hi Rainer, Yep, sure. You can intergate any third-party tool into a Webix view with a couple of these simple steps: webix.protoUI({ // provide name name:"dhx-richtext", $init:function(config){ // create HTML an container within Webix vie…
  • @martinfruehmorgen We have just released Webix v6.2.2 where the fix is available: https://docs.webix.com/desktop__whats_new_6_2_x.html#622
  • Upd: We have just released Webix v6.2.2 where the fix is available: https://docs.webix.com/desktop__whats_new_6_2_x.html#622
  • Hi @MPaul I have double-checked the issue and, unfortunately, I can confirm the regression - the data is not parsed correctly in the inner logic of callback handling. And it does not depend on XML format. You can switch to promise.then as a stable…
  • Hello, Please try the save function: new webix.DataCollection({ url: url, save: function(id, operation, update){ return webix.ajax().headers({ "Content-Type": "application/json" }).post(url, JSON.stringify(update)); } }); …
  • I want to continue to load automatically when users scroll to the list below. Yep, it's possible to tune dynamic scroll-based loading even if there are not total_count and pos in your server data. But please note that this technique relies on f…
  • Hello, To change request headers of all the requests sent with webix.ajax(), you can modify the parameters of Webix global onBeforeAjax event. To get response header for requests sent with webix.ajax(), you can provide callbacks to the needed call…
  • Здравствуйте, В Вашем случае лучше подойдет ui richselect: https://docs.webix.com/desktop__richselect.html
  • Hello, The Air skin (as well as other old skins) and not supported in Webix versions higher than 5.4. If you still need to use the skin, you can extend the active skin with JS settings for the Air skin and include the related .css file: https://sn…
  • Hello, Could you please share a snippet where the issue can be spotted? As far as I can see, the described code works correctly: https://snippet.webix.com/nzgtmxtz
  • @crisalidGuillaume Please check the 6.2.1 build, the fix is already available: https://docs.webix.com/desktop__whats_new_6_2_x.html

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