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  • Hello, We would rather not include it into the roadmap. Usually, it is better to hide inactive UI elements in the application rather than to disable. And again, you can always achieve the goal by CSS rules.
  • a text view of type: 'number' The setting just defines a type for the inner HTML input. It is not supposed to influence output values. At the same time, formatted numeric inputs can output numbers: https://snippet.webix.com/sy7ktsek
  • That's an interesting suggestion, thanks for the idea. We will add it to our backlog and consider extracting a Comments input area into a standalone widget, but now I cannot tell you the final decision or estimate.
  • Thank you for suggestion, but widget API should be consistent, so we would rather leave the fitMaster:true on a suggest level. As to controlling Suggest size in dynamics, you can handle the onBeforeShow event and decide on the desired width like …
  • Hi, Could you please provide more details on your issue or perhaps share a demo? Webix widgets work generally well on mobile, but you need to structure your application accordingly so that users can access different parts of it.
  • Hi, Thanks, we have fixed the tag. How long ago was this feature released? It was released in mid April: https://blog.webix.com/webix-snippet-tool-from-a-javascript-sandbox-to-a-database-of-webix-examples/
  • The onTimedKeyPress event is just the same onKeyPress event but with a 250-ms timeout. So you can freely use it, read the information from key and event parameters and perform the required actions with another timeout: https://snippet.webix.com/p9y…
  • Hello, As far as I can see, Webix Snippets (both preview and search) are working well, could you please double check it?
    in Snippet help Comment by Helga June 4
  • Hello, The online documentation contains the docs for the latest Webix version. We can send you a .chm file as an offline guide for the version you are using. If it suits you, please contact support@webix.com and refer this discussion. It appe…
  • Hi Dan, We've posted an article with a solution to a similar use case: https://blog.webix.com/how-to-sreate-multi-line-inputs-for-homogeneous-user-data/ And here is the snippet from it: https://snippet.webix.com/vfqi5sy6
    in Multi-fieldset Comment by Helga May 29
  • Hello, In version 6.1 we have improved loading a lot to allow for custom loading patterns. Now you can watch each Ajax request sent by Webix (and access its parameters) with the onBeforeAjax event: webix.attachEvent("onBeforeAjax", function(…
  • You can try using Webix 6.3.2 or higher where the above bugs have been fixed. Also, we have published a blog article that can aid migration. TOGGLE label disappears when in OFF state As far as I can see, it works well: https://snippet.webix.c…
    in 6.3 css bugs Comment by Helga May 24
  • You can execute a POST request with webix.ajax() method: webix.ajax().post(url).then(function(){ .. get response ..}); https://docs.webix.com/helpers__ajax_operations.html#sendingdata
  • Hello, Could you please provide a snippet where the issue can be spotted?
  • Faye proxy is going to be deprecated in 7.0, but will still be available as a separate module on Github. Instead, you can use a pure Web socket solution described in the following blog article: https://blog.webix.com/websocket-real-time-data-updat…
    in Real Server Push Comment by Helga May 24

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