Area Select on treetable across a group selects entire rows

Hi there

I have a treetable setup like this:

    id: tableId,
    view: 'treetable',
    footer: false,
    areaselect: true,
    height: 800,
    leftSplit: 1,
    scroll: 'xy'

This allows me select individual cells, however when I select cells across a group, the entire row is inadvertently selected and then the onSelectChange event fires and I call ‘getSelectedId’, the ids that are returned include ids for each column in each row.

You will see in the screen above the individual cells I have selected. After I release the mouse button, the rows are all selected (you can see the outline selection of the entire rows)

The above screenshot show the call I make which returns an array of 81 elements.

If there a way to stop the entire row from being selected when selecting cells across groups?

Hello @nathanfranklinau ,
Unfortunately, I haven’t managed to reproduce the problem : Code Snippet
Could you describe steps to repeat it and share an example that shows the issue ? Also, what version of Webix are you using?

Hey, I managed to find the problem. I was grouping with:
by: ‘field’,
row: ‘field2’

I removed row property and now it works :slight_smile: