Bug in "unbind"-method

If i bond element with other two elements, and than removed this element, i will get an error while editing the very first of masters element.



Are there some news related to this issue?

The reason os such behaviour is that one slave element is not supposed to have 2 masters (sometimes it can be vice versa : Code Snippet).
So, could you please clarify the use-case?

Hi, yes.
Use-case is: synchronisation of several elements.
Specifically: The filter is shown in several places in the UI. If you change it in one place, the rest should also change.


So, as I said before, there should not be 2+ masters. In this particular case, you can try to solve it using events: onChange → setValue

          const form3 = $$("form3");

Please, check an example: Code Snippet

It is a bit strange that “bind” works as expected (with 2+ masters as well), but “unbind” does not.
Maybe it makes sense to extend the functionality of this function?