Bug: Silent Error in Datatable onAfterLoad()


I notice that some JS errors are not being thrown which make debugging hard, after long investigation it seem that error inside onAfterLoad clause is ignored and no error/warning is shown in console/webpage


could you please help

PS: this happens in other methods (e.g. type: { checkbox: function(obj){ /* here*/ }) }

Hello @mgraph2010 ,

Thank you for noticing and your report !
Unfortunately, I can confirm that it is a bug. It will be fixed in one of our future releases.

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Hi @MariyaDemy

Thanks for your response, is there is any patch I can can use to fix that bug, I can even amend the original webix.js in order to apply that fix, without waiting for an official fix


Hi @mgraph2010 ,
The problem seems to be in this part of code (319 code line) .
You could try adding console.log(e) there.
Hope it will help you.

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Hi @MariyaDemy

Thanks very much, it works perfectly

All the best

Same here, silent errors should not exist in webix.

Iā€™m often using a try catch in methods to avoid bad surprises.

try  {
} catch(e) {

In dev mode, webix should call methods inside a try catch (suggestion ?).