Calendar month selector does not fire event

I have some logic inside the onAfterMonthChange event, but it does not trigger when the month is changed using the month selector. Is it possible to detect month change when user clicks on month selector?

Hi @username12345,

This event you can listen though onAfterZoom() handler using (o === 0 && v === 1).

Check outh the snippet with example: Code Snippet

Please note, that onAfterMonthChange() reacts to the change of units on the arrows, but it doesn’t have to be a month (it can be a year/decade), so it is important to add an extra. checking inside the handler to know for sure that the change occurred in the right period.

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Thank you. The documentation says onAfterZoom takes one argument, but the snippet uses two

Hello @username12345 ,
Thank you. We will update the documentation